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July 20, 2008

The Fight

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The creation of this image began at the studio when a friend, Colin Foster attending the Hallmark Institute of Photography needed to get some shots for his final portfolio submission. Colin wanted to shoot a fight scene similar to many on the internet. I was concerned about copying the work of others but Colin explained that students often replicate poses and lighting setups as part of the learning process. Colin and I shot the same models in the boxing scene but we both added our own backgrounds. Here is Colin’s version

I got my daughters, Brooke (L) and Kara (R) to come by for a few hours. The make up artist was Aimee Dorsey from Model Mayhem and her passion is gruesome-ness.

They were shot separately with both acting the part of being hit, then the hitter. Colin and I took turns shooting them.

D3, ISO 200, F13, 1/200sec.  24-70mm at 70mm

While on vacation in South Carolina I visited the pier in Garden City and felt it had many of the qualities I wanted for the fight scene. Lighting with depth, dark areas and great symmetry and perspective. This shot was taken about 5:30am during a time when only people fishing are allowed on the pier.

I set up on the empty pier and shot 5 images at 1EV spacing. I ended up blending in the single -1EV image with the HDR because Kara and Brooke were shot with a black background and a dark pier scene was needed to avoid problems blending the flying hair.

D3, ISO800, 0EV=F10, .6sec. 24-70mm at 48mm, tripod

Tyler and Becca modeled the next night on the pier to add to the fight scene. The job was for Tyler to look surprised as Becca alerted him to the fight. It was kind of a “hey look at that” moment. Notice that she’s pointing and grabbing his arm at about the same time he notices the action. I chose a specific spot based on the lighting, then during breaks in the crowd they would walk forward and strike their poses. The girl in the white skirt was fully visible in one of the shots so I included her in the final image.

D3, ISO 4000, F2.2, 1/60sec. handheld, 50mm (fixed)

The next night I walked the pier with my 50mm lens and even on a D3 it’s small enough to be stealth. I shot fishermen doing their thing on the pier. I was hoping to get someone bringing in a big one but that never happened. I left the pier about midnight. The fisherman’s bucket was white and I used Hue/saturation to colorize it close to Brooke’ hand wraps.

D3, ISO 4000, F4.5, 1/13sec. handheld, 50mm (fixed)

The final image is a composite of 4 images for the people, 2 of fish plus the HDR image. Total of 11 images.


March 16, 2008


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March 11, 2008

Carlin is WOW

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This is Carlin’s first shoot and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. She knows how to bring it! Her poses are spot on, her expressions are perfect and intensity is amazing. I will be helping Carlin as much as I can but if you know anyone or have contacts that will help Carlin launch her modeling career then drop me a note.

I am hosting a flickr meetup group at the studio the end of March. Carlin will be there and if you are coming you won’t be disappointed.



May 1, 2007


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For those that don’t know me, I spend the cold winter months inside doing studio work.

Katie came to the studio with her model friend. After shooting her model friend, she asked me if I would take a picture of her too. She held a perfect pose while I painted her with light.


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