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August 28, 2007

Dale Chihluly

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Can you believe it, Chihluly got rid of all his bad glass in this pond and two fisherman pulled it in.




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The US Capitol has scaffolding around the top. There is always some sort of construction project going on – fences, trailers and cranes are always around the building. With those jack hammers going all day how does anyone get anything done? Hmmmm………..


Washington DC (hey, ya got any change?)

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I took a walk through Washington DC and ended up at the Corcoran. Here’s what’s coming:

Anne Leibovitz October 13 – Jan. 13, 2008

A photographer of American Pop Culture, Annie Leibovitz began as the chief photographer for Rolling Stones in 1973 then Vanity Fair and then Vogue. She’s done advertising work for American Express, Givenchy and The Sopranos. I saw her traveling exhibition Women in 1999 and the images are no kidding 8 foot prints and tack sharp.

Ansel Adams September 15 – Jan. 27, 2008

William and Saundra Lane started collecting photographs in the 50’s and 60’s during a period when few people considered photographs as art. Whose photographs did they buy? Ansel Adams. The Lane’s became friends with Ansel and made many trips to visit him at his California home. During a ten year period they acquired about 125 images, many of which are rarely exhibited prints and will be at the Corcoran. This exhibit will include images from his early work as well as later work.

And here’s a pic I took along the way. More on flickr.


August 2, 2007


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This is 5 month old Ameerah. She was laying on her tummy when she decided it was time to roll. It took her about 5 tries and she finally did it and I clicked her just as she was turning onto her back. In PS I converted the pic from color to black and white and added a old photo look to it with the ragged frame. You can have more fun clicking babies than any other photographic subject – providing they are in the mood.


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