Before the Coffee

September 25, 2007


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Cindy has been living on the streets for 7 years. I asked her if she feels safe and she said yes as long as she stays right in this area (near the white house where secret service patrols). I asked if she has family that can help her out and she said “no not anymore.” I gave her some money and she perked up and said she will try to pay me back. I told her it’s a gift no need to. I couldn’t help noticing the fabric she had wrapped around her fingers, they were knotted and twisted and tied almost decoratively. What were they for – maybe a nervous habit, maybe to hide the scars of her past. Maybe it was her “jewelry,” notice she’s wearing a washer as a necklace.

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September 9, 2007


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Some contemplate the past, others the future and some wait in anticipation for an exit.

September 5, 2007

All in the Family

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They were skipping and dancing through the promenade so I said, “Isn’t it a great day, are you all family?” “yes indeed we are sisters, cousins and moms” Everyone was so happy I just couldn’t leave without clicking one.


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