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July 27, 2010

South Carolina Coast

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A simple composition along the Atlantic coast on a windy stormy day. The sand was blowing so heavily it created the appearance of fog as it whisked along the beach. I wanted to capture the look but wasn’t able, it was too subtle. This is an HDR image with some added post processing. I softened the clouds with a motion blur and converted the image to Black and White.

August 4, 2009

It was so nice to relax and spend time with you

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June 25, 2009

Out of Plumb

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I’m a little rusty on my farm equipment but I know an out of plumb barn when I see one. I didn’t trespass on this one.

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June 24, 2009

The Gas Contains Lead

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It used to be that gas was deadly, now it’s just socially unacceptable.

If memory serves lead in gasoline was phased out sometime in the 70’s but the soil adjacent to old roads still has higher levels of lead. So now you’ve been warned, don’t eat any of the dirt next to old roads.

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The Gas Pump

June 19, 2009

The Fire Hydrant

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Walking around the outside of Henryton you could still feel the eerie spirits lurking.

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