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October 26, 2007

Meet David

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David is a lonely man living on the streets of DC, he told me so. So naturally, I take the high road and tell David that I’ve got a nice blonde girl for him to meet. Remember Cindy, see a few posts ago for Cindy’s picture. I think they would make a nice couple. David is smart, a little shy and best of all sober. Cindy is gentle, caring and very chatty. Now I just have to get David to the other side of town for them to meet. I see a reality TV show in the making.

October 18, 2007

Musician writes about Abraham

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When shooting around the monument I met Peter Lerman and his friend Cindy. He’s a local Virgina musician that was putting together a video for his latest song “Abraham.” He picked the right place to do the video. At first they tried to scoot out of camera view and I asked them to “stay in the picture, I’d love to get some clicks of you.”

If you want to check out the song he’s on Myspace:

October 12, 2007

The National Catherdral

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Jerry Hayes of flickr asks: “Hey Ferrell, how many exposures and what spacing did you use… if you don’t mind me asking.”

Hey Jerry,
HDR was made for scenes like this. It’s high contrast; a single image was not even close to capturing the full dynamic range. The anti-HDR photographers would have never been able to pull this one off. The single image would either be loaded with noise inside or blown outside.

This was 7 images at 1ev spacing and that was comfortably within the DR of the scene.

Jerry has some pretty cool HDR work at his flickr site, also some LucisArt. Jerry is a printer and a self-professed “big kid”:

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