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September 20, 2008

First Date Mistakes

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The band “Victory By Revenge” is preparing to release their first CD. The CD is titled “First Date Mistakes” and the band decided to use me to come up with a few pic ideas for the CD jacket. I had two ideas I felt strongly about. First, a scene where the car has run out of gas and the guy is pushing the car while his date carries the gas can. Second, the guy is in the restaurant checking out a girl walking by while his date reacts with strong disapproval. Has that happened to me, I’ll never tell.

I picked out the location for the “Out of Gas” scene – a quiet piece of roadway with the sun setting in the background. Then for the restaurant I asked a local restaurant owner if I could set up a shoot at closing time. I used models, Carlin, Molly and Anthony for the shoot. Both shoots took place the same evening.

For the “Out of Gas” shoot I was very careful to get the right expressions from the models. I wanted him to appear straining and her to appear annoyed by the whole situation – “look at him in disgust” I kept telling her.

For the restaurant scene it was equally important that expressions and body language were perfect. I told Molly (sitting) that for the last shot I wanted her to pick up the glass of water and throw it on him. Anthony had no idea it was coming and right on cue, Molly had her hand on the glass, I motioned for Carlin to walk through the scene and strike her pose and as soon as Carlin got to her spot, Molly threw the water on him. A cool surprise for him. It became the CD cover.

Here is the CD cover with a few of the other images we took that evening. Other First Date Mistakes added to the CD: running late, trying to kiss her at the wrong time, bringing broken flowers.


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