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November 30, 2009

The Creative Plan

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Before I go to a shooting location I always have a creative plan. A creative plan is a very deliberate plan to pursue a particular subject or a “look” that fulfills a vision in my mind. My creative plan might be very simple as in shooting reflections or more complex as in shooting a model running with balloons lit with strobes (previous post).  Once on location I’m very intentional, I actively pursue the creative plan I was thinking about. Sure, I still remain open minded and react to opportunities “in-the-moment” but having a creative plan keeps me looking and working toward mental visions that are not easily seen.


November 17, 2009

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Victory By Revenge, a local band came for a new CD cover shot. The CD is called “Addicted to the Radio” Hmmmm…..  “Radio?” do we still need those? I thought everyone replaced those with ipods and blackberries. I was able to dig up a radio I’ve had for 20 years, ok I save stuff, so what, and I was right, “sometimes old things come in handy.” It was the perfect radio for the theme on the Bay. It was an enjoyable afternoon of shooting along the Bay.


The final image with some added textures and brush strokes.

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