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July 25, 2009

Spread Happiness

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If an idea for a pic stays on my mind for more than a week I usually make it happen. This image is created from 2 main images then 2 distant balloons added. My first task was to get Kara (daughter) to agree to the shoot so I went with the sure thing, money. On a great sky day I drove around chasing clouds while searching for a white fence and a clean background. I ended up in a town called Mt. Airy and I was thrilled when the breeze brought the perfect puffy clouds into the scene. I shot the scene and created an HDR image in Photomatix. I hurried to the party store and ordered balloons for a 3pm pick up and got Kara all ready for the shoot. I flipped our picnic table on edge and I had Kara do a balancing act across while holding the balloons. It was easy to add Kara to the scene, after all she was walking on a 2″ wide beam. Stay tuned, another pic to follow.

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July 18, 2009

It’s Not a Path Until You Walk Down It

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The path

July 17, 2009

The Family Farm

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Actually I did some colorizing on this one, I didn’t intend to, I just started day dreaming while adjusting the color sliders, when I woke I thought, “that ain’t bad.”


July 9, 2009

Pre-Civil War Home

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I did a U-turn when I saw this old home and had to get a couple shots with the magnificent sky in the background. I walked on the property a few steps to shoot and it wasn’t long before I spotted a tractor moving toward me in high gear. I thought “Ok here comes the codger to chew me out.” I could have walked to the car and driven away but I thought I would stay and hear him out. His first words, “you wanna hear about the history of this house?” The guy was so nice, we talked for an hour and he asked me to stop by and meet the family. I thanked him and said he could see the picture on the computer and he said “I don’t mess with computers.”  I said “you’re a lucky man.”

The home was built before the Civil War with additions later. The original wood planks are the wide ones adjacent to the front door and were “pit cut” meaning one man stood in a pit and another man above, they would pull the long saw blade back and forth to cut the wood. I wonder what the pay was back then?

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July 7, 2009


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I enjoy photographing the rinky dink carnivals run by gypsies more than the hi-tech ones with super-sonic rides. Who doesn’t love the music, kids screaming, the food and clicking sounds from loosely assembled rides with rusty bolts. I drove past the carnival on Rt. 5 St. Mary’s County, it was closed and surrounded with a chain link fence but the skies were too good to pass up the chance to get some decent shots from the outside. I composed pics that included only the top of the rides so my images were clean. Circling around the fence I found a gate left open by the staff so I slipped through and walked around an empty park. It was exciting to be the only one there, and just in case I had my story all ready in case I ran into someone along the way. “Oh I’m looking for someone to get permission to take pictures for a newspaper article.” No one showed, then 2 guys left the bar across the street and walked toward the park. One guy zig-zagged and staggered toward me, stopping at times talking to himself. I hid behind the carousel and dashed back through the gate, never noticed. Whew, that was a close one.

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