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January 30, 2008

Hablo Espanol

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American Airlines – the operative word being American, has an inflight magazine that’s in Espanol. No problem, just ask the stewardess for the English version. It doesn’t exist they say, oh well, how about French, no, Italian, not that either, well is there someone that can translate the Espanol to English so I can learn about the cusine in Key West, “Florida,” nope. Maybe there’s hope, the emergency exit door has instructions that are still in English, but then again it’s probably an old plane.


January 21, 2008

Deer Down

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I hit a deer, or actually it hit me. I was driving into the sunset peering under the visor when Slam. The first glimpse I got was a deer in mid-air trying to jump over my car. It’s vertical speed wasn’t greater than my horizontal speed (50mph) so he slammed into my windshield. You can see the long dents in the hood caused by his hooves as he tried to clear the car. He broke his neck on impact and the good part is he didn’t come into the car. I drove home with the windshield smashed. Damage was about $7000.


January 14, 2008

The TV show “24”

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While cruising through DC with camera in hand I saw a crowd gathering in the distance. It’s the kind of thing we all want to check out. A film crew was shooting for the show “24.” Pretty cool but had they checked with a local like me, I could’ve told them a better spot for filming the Treasury Building just 1/2 block away, see this pic: Here


I’ll never complain my camera is heavy.

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