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November 22, 2007

Teaching at the Local High School

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I was invited to the local high school to teach the photography class, portrait studio work. I took my strobes and set them up in the computer room. We did a few types of lighting and then the party started. Scarf, gloves and fake snow each student had a task there was a makeup artists, stylists, lightingman, fanman and even snowman. The snowman (men) went wild and the room was a mess. Hey, all in the name of teaching the art of photography.


November 15, 2007

In walks Elias

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I did some clicking for the local emo band Elias. Emo is short for “emotional” and this band has mastered the art of screaming better than any actress fleeing a psychopathic killer in a Quentin Tarintino movie. Go for it guys you rock. Good luck with the 08′ cd.

I had them spread the word that I want to shoot more bands. If you know a band that needs images, let me know.

Casey (lead guitar), George (drums), Daniel (lead singer), Davante (bass), Quigg (lead/rhythm guitar) Shot with two strobes, I got down low so they appear standing on the tracks in an odd sort of scaling.


Casey (left) showed up with a shirt that I was able to match with the graffitti.

I told them a train could come. When it did there was panic in the tunnel, they stopped posing and started running their asses off. I got off a shot just as the train entered the tunnel and then merged the pic of the train with the earlier one of them posing.

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November 6, 2007

Ansel Adams and Annie Leibovitz at the Corcoran

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The brochures for the show at the Corcoran. The most moving pic of Annie’s is the fallen bicycle of a teenage boy just killed by a sniper. Annie actually put him in her car and he died on the way to the hospital. The bottom right pic is Annie’s brother Philip and father. Annie’s two famous shots of which she received awards are of John Lennon taken the day he was shot and the iconic image of Demi Moore for Vanity Fair.

Here is Annie’s shot of Nicole Kidman

Cindy Crawford

Ansel Adams’ gallery

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