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October 23, 2010

Have Your Images Been Stolen?

I am a contributor at the new photography website Here is an excerpt from an article I recently posted. Visit the Pixiq site for many articles by many contributors. It will broaden your photography knowledge.

Have Your Images Been Stolen?

Internet photo sharing is here to stay, and any photographer that wants to build a name for him(her)self needs to upload photos and put them in front of as many viewers as possible. Sure, it’s a risk — the more viewers the greater the chance of image theft. Not only is it copyright infringement, but it makes it harder for the professional photographers to put groceries on the table.

Can it be possible to find who is using your images? Now there’s an answer, at least a partial answer. is an image search engine that uses image identification technology to find exact matches of the image you ask it to search for. It’s as easy as right clicking on your image and asking TinEye to search the more than 1.7 billion images in its index for an exact match. It doesn’t matter if the original image has been resized, edited or cropped — TinEye will find it. Although the creators of TinEye at Idée Inc. work hard to add millions of images each week, there are still many images to be added to the database.

TinEye was able to find a bunch of my images being used without permission. Some were part of blogs: “Look, here’s a cool pic,” which I really don’t mind if they include a link back to my blog; however, some were downright copyright infringement and used for commercial purposes.

Good photography only comes with lots of effort and time, and it’s frustrating to see how easily others steal images without compunction. Look at the images below. They are the originals. In the “old” days thieves would scratch out the serial number; now there is no fear — how bold.

This image "Breaking the Rules" has lots of commercial appeal. I'm not surprised when I see it ripped off for an entreprenurial article. Hmm... they didn't list stealing images as a hot tip.

I found over 15 copyright infringements on this image. Here's one from APTECH Computer Education.

My image of Chris drinking coffee out of the pot after 5pm is commonly stolen.

They did some weird color adjustment on the right image. I wonder what they added in the bottom right corner? Could it be someone taking credit for the image?

This image is often stolen for dating and relationship sites. I need to Email Yogi and tell him about copyright infringement laws.

This theft really gets me mad. They are big business with a big budget. They are well established in Austrailia and have many high end clients. There is no excuse for this theft.

Watch out, your travel photography is in demand. The pic on the right is mine, the pic on the left is not mine but I did find the travel photographer that took it (I used Tineye). If I had her email I'd contact her.

Bert Krages is an attorney and photographer. He handles copyright enforcement as well as other issues like photographers rights. Unfortunately, its a few hundred dollars to have him send a letter and no guarantees of ever getting compensated for the illegal image use. If it does go to court (rare), courts typically award between $750 and $30,000 per infringed work.

July 27, 2010

South Carolina Coast

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A simple composition along the Atlantic coast on a windy stormy day. The sand was blowing so heavily it created the appearance of fog as it whisked along the beach. I wanted to capture the look but wasn’t able, it was too subtle. This is an HDR image with some added post processing. I softened the clouds with a motion blur and converted the image to Black and White.

July 22, 2010

Photomatix Tutorial updated

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I just updated my Photomatix Tutorial with screen shots of the yet to be released Ver4.0. Lots of new features and a new interface look.

That’s Venus under the Moon.

July 13, 2010

Budd’s Creek National Motocross

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It was a great day of shooting the fastest riders in the world at Budd’s Creek National Motocross event. I shot my Nikon D2X infrared camera and had lots of fun experimenting with panning at various shutter speeds.

May 17, 2010

Bridge in the Quiet of the Evening

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This is an HDR image tone mapped in Photomatix and converted to B&W in Photoshop. If you don’t have Photomatix don’t forget to use a coupon code for the 15% discount, just type in “beforethecoffee” in the coupon box at Happy Shooting and May You Capture the Full Range of Life!

Image taken in South Carolina.

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