Before the Coffee

February 13, 2010

Let it snow….. I think

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Wow, snow is beautiful, to a point. I like 5 inches, I like 10 inches, I even like 15 inches but when the ruler sank into the snow to 28 inches I knew there would be a lot of clean-up hours. It’s interesting how neighbors began talking again, one’s I haven’t seen in years came over to chat and catch up. I think the hustle-bustle and pressure to make a living is temporarily put aside and it’s OK to pause and say HELLO.

Photos: Both of these pics are HDR images tonemapped in Photomatix at the default setting. I followed with a BW conversion in PS using Image>Adjustments>Black&White. After some dodging and burning I went to my folder of textures and found some pics of a boat hull taken at the marina. I laid a pic of the boat hull over the image below and the image with the fence, I laid a pic of a painted piece of paper over the image. Splashing ink on paper and staining it with some coffee is a fun way to make textures.



  1. Wow very nice. Not an easy picture to make interesting. I find snow nicer in real life than on photo. Probably because the sky and grounds look so similar in snow. But your textures are a great way to make them interesting. Are they HDR?

    Comment by martinsoler — February 13, 2010 @ 8:22 pm

  2. Nicely done; particularly like the top photograph.

    Comment by Andy — February 14, 2010 @ 7:54 pm

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the texture overlays..AND the pauses to say hello, and to “chill” in the warmest way.

    Comment by M.E. Martin — February 15, 2010 @ 3:22 pm

  4. The texture looks amazing! That’s coffee?

    Snow days are great picture days, also to an extent.

    Comment by Coffee Beans — April 20, 2010 @ 9:29 pm

  5. These are truly amazing! I’m officially a “fan” of your work.

    Comment by Rachael Towne — June 27, 2010 @ 9:47 pm

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